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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Predictions, Predictions, Predictions

A day late...but that's ok. Here are my predictions for this round of the playoffs!


Buffalo and NY Rangers

I'm going to take Rangers in 7. Buffalo is full of fast little guys...and I think that the Rangers are going to be able to pick Buffalo apart. Now, last night I watched the game and if it hadn't been for the Rangers parade to the penalty box they would have won the game. Key players for the Buffalo Ryan Miller I guess in a way you always rely on your goalie...but if he is strong he will be able to pull them through this series. Key players for Rangers Jagr, Shanahan, and Avery Jagr for his amazing skills, Shanahan for his wonderful shot, and Avery for his Averyness...did you see how he got under EVERY single player on the Thrashers skin. Sheesh Go Rangers.

Ottawa Senators and NJ Devils

I'm picking New Jersey in 6 games. I really like both of these teams and really didn't want to have to pick one of them but I guess I have to. Ottawa is deep really deep and they're really good. Devils rely on Marty for their success and, if Marty is Marty then I really don't think the Sens stand a chance. But, key players for Devils Obviously, Brodeur, and Parise like I said if Marty is on his game...good luck. And, Parise, that kid is young and amazing he has a ton of talent...and I am sure he will be amazing in this series. Now, key players for the Sens Heatly, Emery, and Spezza A lot of people are saying Heatley is suffering from an ankle injury and I believe it...but if these days off helped him...look out. Emery this guy is a great goalie and I am quite confident that he has what it takes...but I just can't choose him over Marty (loyalty ya know). Then there is Spezza the guy makes some crazy passes that are beauties to watch...but in the last series he was hitting things and wasn't taking any crap and was pretty good defensively as well. I don't want either of these teams to go...but if one has to I choose the Sens to go.


Ducks and Canucks

Shoot Ducks in 5. Not only do the Ducks have the defense including TWO wonderful goaltenders, they also have the ability to score. I have a feeling this is going to be an easy series for the Ducks because Canucks just got off a 7 game series (when in reality they played 8 maybe even 9 games I would have to go back and look at all the OT's. It was a long brutal series. Ducks got some rest and were able to heal from their bumps and bruises. They feel fresh...and looked great last night. Key players for the Canucks Luongo and The Sedins Luongo is such an elite goal tender but I think he is tired from the series and will break and that's hard for me to say because I love the guy. The Sedin's they need to step it up and if they do...the Canucks will have a shot I think. Key players for the Ducks...I mean honestly who isn't a key player? Giggy or Bryz depending on who is in net, Penner, Getzlaf, Perry, the brothers Niedermayer, Pronger, Selanne, Kunitz, McDonald, Beauchemin, and really I will stop now This team is really that good. Sorry Canucks fans...Go Ducks.

Detroit Red Wings and San Jose Sharks

There was a time in my life I was a Wings fan...that time is OVER!!!!!! Sharks are gonna take this series to the Wings and they will win it in 7 games. Sharks are an amazing team with a ton of talent. Wings are a good team with defense, offense, and goaltending, BUT, they don't have the team toughness. Let's face it Chelios is old...is he gonna fight. And, yes I know Bertuzzi slammed Dion to ice but I don't know that he can take on the Sharks. Anyway, key players for Wings Hasek if Hasek doesn't pull a groin and can control himself from being an idiot and exaggerating every little bump then the Wings will have a shot. Sharks key players Nabby, Guerin, Rivet, pretty much the entire team Sharks are a great team and I honestly think the better team all around. So Go Sharks!

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