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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Latest in Blue Jacket Nation

For most of us Blue Jackets fans last night was the start of a new beginning. We gained hope...hope that maybe...just maybe...next year will be different. Last night Doug MacLean was fired as President and General Manager of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Now, this is just my opinion of what this means to my beloved Jackets. Well...MacLean will no longer make crazy decisions for our club. Such as, the signing of Anson Carter (who was a waste this season) and then the trading of Carter for an 5th round pick in '08....maybe that wasn't crazy but it seems kind of nuts to me. Then trading Ty Conklin to the Sabres for an 5th round pick this year. Why is he obssessed with these 5th round picks? Am I missing something? Anyway, this should come as no surprise for Blue Jackets fans everywhere seeing as we're the only team in the National Hockey League to not have made the playoffs...and the only fans not able to wave the little towels around. (I get sad everytime I see those) Anyway this is really all I have for now. I don't really know what else to say until we find out who is going to replace him. Here's hoping we can get someone who knows what he's doing.


Drew said...

I'm pretty sure they were 5th round picks, not 8th?

And I have no doubt that CGMDM would have taken more if someone had offered it. 5th round picks are better than the squat the team would have received by letting these guys drift off into unrestricted free agency.

It's not really a silver lining, I know. The initial signings were certainly deplorable. But I think MacLean did the best he could at the deadline. It's not like either of those guys were tearing it up.

Bethany said...

Woops thanks Drew you were right they both were 5th round picks. I do think that MacLean did the best he could but the signing of Carter should have never happened. He wasn't worth it. But, anyway thanks for correcting me!