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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I may regret this in the morning...

But, Sidney Crosby is up for Time's 100 Most Influential People *he's the only hockey player on there* and I really think everyone should go vote for him...the link to the voting is here. I also made a Facebook group here so join that and invite your friends. I know I hate Sidney Crosby but I really think it would be a great thing for the sport if he got voted high up there like in the Top 5. So repost this....tell your friends....do what you gotta do to get the word out.


HockeyNutz said...

Crazyness. There are many far more influential people in Hockey then Sid. No denying his talent and how he has revived the Franchise in Pitts, but to have him considered among the Most Influential people...not sure I can choke that down enough to vote for him.

Sorry! HockeyNutz

Bethany said...

I never said he was influential to me...or to anyone...I just said we should vote to help out the sport...getting hockey some press aside from the hits that sends guys off on stretchers...seems like it would help :) but don't vote if you don't want to HockeyNutz