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Friday, April 27, 2007

Few things...

1. I will not be liveblogging Ducks and Canucks but my good buddy Mike over at Yankee Canuck will be offering a wonderful drunk blog of the events taking place tonight.

2. Doug MacLean finally speaks about his firing check out the article here.

3. Kristin noticed that I haven't said a word about the draft on my site so I will be posting up tonight some information about it...I will be in attendance so I think we should have a blog get together. If you want the run down on everything the draft check out Michael over at Army of the Ohio has an amazing blog full of information which is more than I can offer you because I live about an hour and a half from Columbus.


5. Check out Battle of California for a hilarious picture of Luongo.


Margee said...

We need to plan a Draft-related hlogger-vention. We'll camp on your lawn, yes?

Bethany said...

I am with ya on that one!! Let's make it happen!!!!!!!!!!