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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


My post today will be about this child. So while you all are in shock I'm sure...I will let you think about it and I will post while I am at work.

**UPDATE 4:33**

Ok, so as we all know I'm a busy girl at work and have decided to put this up in little segments.

Anyway, here's where I am going to begin. Sidney Crosby believe it or not is playing in his first ever playoff games. Now, the only way you wouldn't have known this is if you had been living under a rock for the past week. Let me make this statement before I say anything else. I do think Sidney Crosby is good at getting points. Ok, so I have been watching most of the playoff games. And, I am utterly DISGUSTED at how much press he is getting. Every single time I turn on a playoff series they will bring up Crosby. I GET IT! He is a good hockey player but there are others out there. I understand that he is the next one. But, get over it already. Putting him in playoff commercials, putting him on magazines, talking about him all the damn time is getting old. There are other good players who deserve some publicity and for whatever reason are getting over looked. I will even go as far as to say there are other SERIES that are getting over looked entirely because of this kid. It's not right to the game and to all of the other players to get pushed aside because this kid is playing in his first playoffs.

Now, I have no respect for Sidney Crosby, the I'm on a break away and feel the need to fall on my knees kid...or the I'm going to complain to the ref after EVERY single whistle. (I am almost positive I even saw him cry after they called his goal a no goal) The playoffs are about the game...the playoffs are about the Stanley Cup. To win the Stanley Cup you need to suck it up deal with the fact that the ref called you for a hook, or called you for a trip...or called you for off sides. To win the Stanley Cup you need to be a man and play through that sprained ankle, or play with blood gushing out of your eye (Sean freakin Avery) Anyway, I am so sick of seeing Sidney Crosby and hearing about this little kid in a big mans game. I guess it's finally gotten to me.

But, here is a message to all broadcasters who have a love affair with Sidney Crosby:

Send him flowers, cookies, hell buy him a freakin car but seriously pay attention to the other people on the ice who are working their asses off to win the series for their team!!!!!!! Hockey is not a one man sport. It's a team effort. Sidney Crosby did not win those games by himself. He had a whole sleu of men working with him

Let me name some names here of some players who are playing some terrific hockey:

*Kipper for the Calgary Flames...uhm...in case you didn't notice in the first 2 games against Detroit he was the only one that showed up.

*Chelios the old fart is still playing what is this his 22nd playoff run?!

*Sean Avery uhm...have you seen the way he has been going about the playoffs I freakin love it! And, if I'm not mistaken it's his first playoff experience...I could be way off.

*Evgeni Malkin ya know that Russian kid running around on the ice with Crosby sometimes...yeah he just had an amazing season for a rookie and maybe he's not doing good in the playoffs but gosh give him some attention.

*Jordan Staal come on now...he's on the ice too...kid is amazing.

*Luongo kickin some serious butt in the series against Dallas...ooh it's his first playoff run too!

*If you guys have anymore to add feel free to leave them in the comments but I really needed to let this out. Thanks for reading.


CapsChick said...

Oh god...I'm a little scared.

Jeannie said...

Why you have to be so mad?

Anonymous said...

Thank you finally someone that feels the way i do about Crosby