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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Me going on about stuff...yup

Well with my beloved Jackets not playing until tomorrow…I don’t have a lot to say. Tomorrow night we’re playing the LA Kings and I think we should do alright against them. Because, well let’s face it they suck….and not only do they suck…they suck worse than us…so that’s always a good sign. The Jackets really need this win tomorrow night. We’re trying to get some consistency going at the end of the season. Even though we’re out of the playoffs we still need it and will take our role as ‘spoiler’ very seriously. I am already excited for next season. I don’t know if a lot of people know the history of Ken Hitchcock but when he took over for Dallas (the season before they won the cup) they were just like us. Had no consistency and their star player all he could do was shoot. Then the next year they went off to win the cup. Now, I am by no means saying that we’re going to win the cup next year. But, I do think that with Hitch’s experience and with the boys that we have…we have some serious potential. In all reality we should have been there this year but that’s beside the point. Anyway, that’s all just that I am excited.
This week the Jackets don’t have a very busy schedule tomorrow night they are taking on the LA Kings at home. Then on Friday night the Dallas Stars are in town and I will be attending that game. I just hope that the boys can pull off this win…and I hope Adam Foote is in…but it is highly unlikely. I am very pumped to see some of our Farm boys in though. It’s always nice to see how they are playing and get hope that they’ll be ready for the big dogs this coming season. Anyway on after Friday night playing Dallas we head down to Nashville for the last game with our enemy divisional rival…whom I hate with a passion. A little note on Nashville Forsberg was out their past 2 games. He was out when they played the Ducks and I’m pretty sure he is out tonight when they played Detroit…but don’t quote me on that. I will have to look. They are saying he has an “Upper Body Injury.” Quite descriptive eh? Anyway, you never want players to get hurt or to be out of the line up. But, since it is Nashville this does give me quite a bit of pleasure.
I don’t think that I ever talked about the game against the Coyotes. But, I watched it and couldn’t believe how pissed off Gretzky got. I mean gosh…he was an angry man…he frightened me quite a bit. They Jackets would have one that game with probably a shut out had it not been for all of the penalties they were taking. We had our newly acquired back up goalie that we plucked off waivers in net and he was playing against his old team. And, well he played pretty well…considering going into the game he only had 1 win under his belt. And, after the game he now has TWO! Oddly enough he holds the NHL record for most consecutive shut outs so that’s pretty impressive. Maybe we can tap into that a little bit. I am still hoping that Leclaire leaves. I am not impressed with this guy at all and now with him being out for the season…I don’t know it just seems pretty ridiculous to keep him. I realize that we have him under contract for next season but I am pretty sure someone would take him. Hell I’d be willing to give up a draft pick to anyone who would take him off our hands so we can get a decent goalie. There is no doubt in my mind that Norrena will be our number 1 goalie next year. Unless something crazy stupid happens.
I’m not sure if anyone reads “The Hockey News” but I was checking out this issue and they rank the GM’s and not surprisingly Doug MacLean comes in 29. I know we get high draft picks and what not…so why can’t we win?! It’s for sure not because of the talent we have. We have some extremely talented guys. Rick Nash got the Rocket award in his 2nd year in the NHL. If that doesn’t scream talent I don’t know what does. I try not to give the players themselves a hard time because I do feel they are doing the best that they can do…but at some point the GM does have to step up. Anyway here’s what The Hockey News says about it:
“Doug MacLean can’t be faulted for sitting by and fiddling while his organization burns, but his aggressive moves have done more to hurt than help. The Blue Jackets have been plagued by a failure to capitalize on high draft picks and a number of curious personnel moves. They’ve picked in the top eight in every draft and will do so again this June, but have a dismal record getting NHL-caliber talent beyond the first round. Taking on Sergei Fedorov’s salary seemed like a bad idea at the time – and even worse now.”

Now here’s what I say about that…I agree whole heartedly with most of that, however…I like Fedorov. I don’t care what anyone says. The guy can play. Yes he does get paid a lot and I don’t know if I like him of who he is now or who he was. But, I have always been a Fedorov fan and will continue to do so. I love all of our veteran guys really. Foote, Modin, they are all wonderful and most nights come out there with more heart than our young guys (including Nash and Vyborny.) Anyway, I don’t know hopefully this year we do well in the draft with Hitch on our side. I suppose that is all for my ranting on that stuff.

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