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Sunday, March 4, 2007

I heart Stortini

Alright, here we go, me liveblogging the Battle of Alberta. Don Cherry has already pissed me off. Can’t anyone get this stupid old man to shut up?! My gosh. I’m pretty antsy to get this started. To be honest I am cheering for the Oilers…I want them to recover from this trade. Not trying to take anything away from Calgary they are a good team…and I understand that both of these teams need this win. Calgary to show people they can win on the road and for Edmonton they need to show people that no they aren’t going to make the playoffs but they are still going to play with their hearts…and not skate around like idiots. This is going to be a very physical game…and I love it. Edmonton seems to be playing better than they have the past two games. I keep wondering why Jason Smith is the Captain of the Oilers…I mean…shouldn’t Ryan Smyth have been? I mean the team has fallen apart since he is gone. Ok, that’s all for my Ryan Smyth rant. Calgary just got the fist foal of the game. Moss got it...it was his 8th of the season. Hopefully Oilers can stay with it…and settle themselves. The Flames got the first penalty of the game a charging penalty against Zyuzin. We’ll see if Edmonton can take advantage of this power play. Their power play seems to be really good…and Pisani scores…so it’s 1-1. Great power play by the Oilers. And, the Flames scored again…Tanguay got the goal. 2-1 Flames. I am waiting for Phaneuf and Stortini to throw down. I absolutely love both of these guys. I am hoping that the Oilers will keep him up the rest of the season so he can be a permanent fix in Edmonton. Both of these teams are playing so hard…I absolutely love hockey games like this…but the Oilers can’t seem to get the puck out of their zone. What an amazing first period though…these guys are playing their hardest. At the end of the period there was a bit of a tiff…should set up for a very exciting second period. Wow, they are going into really deep detail about the Oilers power play…even Mark Messier said it was great…so yeah I was right haha.

Hemskey got hurt in the first period with an upper body injury. You know what else is going to happen to this poor Oilers team? I mean they have most of their key players out of the line up. And, I just have to say I absolutely adore the vintage jerseys…they should go back to those for sure. Eric Godard got something. Hamrlik got a delay of game penalty…so there is about 1:30 seconds of 5 on 3. McGeough is such an idiot. Stortini got a diving call. I have no clue what the penalties are I’m trying to get them up on NHL.com and it’s not coming up. Kipper is being amazing…he saved the Flames on that 5 on 3. Kipper keeps making save after save. Lupul is having such horrible luck this year. He was getting ready to receive a pass and he just slipped and fell…he is kind of having one of those…are you kidding me…well seasons. Pisani scored again…Kipper looks pissed. I am hoping that there will be some kind of fight…I mean it IS the Battle of Alberta…and my first one at that…I am trying to see what it’s about. (I really just want to see Stortini fight) At this point I just turned it off…and am watching the final minute of the Jackets game. Wayne Gretzky is pissed…real pissed. I have never seen him like this. Oh well Jackets are winning. Goooooo Jackets.…uhm…and Gretzky got a bench minor…ouch. That one hurts. Since Im from Kentucky…I don’t know about CBC…but uhm…is it a Calgary coverage because it seems like they are focusing a lot on Calgary. The score going out of the 2nd period is 2 all.

Alright, third period scoring is open with a shot from Langkow. So the score is 3-2 Flames. AND, Iginla scored so the score is now4-2. I don’t care who you are…you have to feel bad for this Oilers team…they are falling apart. They are getting the shots…but Kipper is just so good. Alright I am done liveblogging mainly because I am falling asleep and because I want to enjoy the rest of this game…night.

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