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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sweet Sweet Victory...

You’ll have to bare with me I am blogging while I watch the game. Well the first 10 minutes of the hockey game was dominated by the Rangers…in fact when they had 2 goals and 6 shots on goal…we didn’t have any shots on goal. I guess Hitch made a comment because we started getting things going. Shelley got into a fight with Orr and it was quite the heavy weight match up. But, in the end they just tired each other out and they were separated. Eriksson got his first goal of the season…so congrats to him!!

Anyway going into the second we were 2-1. Oh and just so know they showed that clip of Avery and Brodeur again and it got me fired up again. If Avery does that crap to Freddy…man I will be ticked!! Second period Svitov got called for Interference and the Rangers got their second power play of the night. Thank goodness we were able to kill that penalty off. We got another penalty…Klesla took a hooking penalty. And amazingly we got a short-handed goal Chimera had an amazing shot over the shoulder of Lundqvist .(random fact it was only the 3rd short-handed goal that the Rangers have given up.) You know people myself included say oh I love watching these young players like Malkin and Ovechkin…but there are games…when Adam Foote is playing really well and it makes me happy to see that. We took another penalty Eriksson took a hooking penalty. HOLY COW!! Rick Nash just scored the go ahead goal another short-hander so that makes the 4th short-handed goal they have given up. My Jackets are stepping it up. We are just now getting our first power play of the night. Sean Avery was called for hooking on Fedorov.

So going into the third we are ahead 3-2. Foote and Avery are having a bit of a battle tonight. Foote is making sure he is staying clear of Freddy. In my opinion nothing is more important than protecting your goalie. Brule is having a great third period. I’m not sure what line he is on this period but he is looking really good. Johnson took a tripping penalty and our penalty kill has been really good tonight. We have killed off 4 out of the 5 penalties, and 2 of the 5 we got a goal. Modin is blocking shot after shot this period. He is just totally killer. I hope we can get that 3 year extension…they said it is probably going to be announced Monday. I think he will really be a key for us. Hopefully we draft well and get some good UFA signings this year. I am loving how abusive our guys are to Avery…Foote slapped his stick out of his hand Fedorov tripped him…and we did all this without a penalty haha. This game is getting pretty intense now. You can tell the Rangers are just hopin to get this win. But, when the Jackets play like this…it’s hard to get a win against us. We don’t play like this too often…but I love when we do. Our goalie has been outstanding. Full props to him. I get so nervous every time Jagr has the puck and starts coming down the ice. He is such a good player. Rangers pulled their goalie and then took a penalty. So Columbus is on the power play to finish out the game. The fans at Madison Square Garden are pretty ticked about this game. It was a huge game for us though. We did amazing!! Norrena did great. I love seeing the goalie love at the end of the game.

I love come from behind wins…there is something so satisfying to me even as a fan. When your team plays as well as mine did tonight it was very gradifying. Oddly enough Freddy didn’t get a star of the game he faced 17 shots in the 3rd period and 42 the entire game…pretty impressive. Nash and Chimera did however. Nash’s first ever short-handed goal.

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