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Friday, February 16, 2007

Steady Freddy...

I really and truly do not understand why can we play amazing against the best teams in the NHL...and when we play not so good teams...we just break down, and lose. Fredrik Norrena was amazing in net tonight. Stopping all 29 shots he faced from the Sharks. This was such a great game. Lots of hits…not a lot of fights…but a little necessary roughness.

Rick Nash played outstanding…in my opinion at least. He didn’t get a point and actually had 6 penalty minutes. He even kind of got into a fight…which I will have to post the video if it pops up somewhere. He played very good with the puck and was really fun to watch tonight. I am a huge Rick Nash fan but I’m not blind…most nights he just doesn’t seem to play with any heart and tonight he changed that. I don’t know what Ken Hitchcock said to the man but he is really turning Rick around and that makes me happy.

Also, Gilbert Brule got a beautiful goal. He was another one that I just couldn’t believe the way he was playing. I noticed Hitch did a bit of line juggling and it seemed to work out quite nicely. Brule had a goal and an assist for the night.

I was thrilled with the way this game went down and now if we can just get some consistency with it I think we will be unstoppable. I can’t wait until next season to see how Hitch gets these boys into shape and gets us into a great playoff team…cuz you know it’s going to happen! (Not this year though)

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Anonymous said...

Hockey? I think I've heard of that before. Isn't that a game they play on figure-skating rinks?