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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ok so here is what I have to say looking back...

I have gone back and fourth on this stupid Ryan Smyth trade. He is one of my best friends favorite player so I do have a certain amount of knowledge about him…and what he was to the Oilers and what he meant to that team. You saw last night the Oilers were lost without him…getting shut out at home to one of the worst teams in the NHL. So, here's what I now think about it.

Could it be that "Captain Canada" really is just another money hungry hockey player…like Zdeno Chara or Jaromir Jagr? I think it's quite possible. You look at a guy like Smyth and you think oh the face of the Edmonton Oilers right? Every team has the face of the franchise…for Columbus it's Rick Nash…for Washington it's Alexander Ovechkin…and for the Devils…it's Martin Brodeur. The first two are so new to the hockey world that I can't really talk about how they compare to Ryan Smyth because quite frankly we don't know that they will be franchise players. Martin Brodeur however will never play for another team. He made sure of it. Brodeur in fact on the last contract he himself negotiated took LESS money in the beginning so that his team could have more money to build a stronger team. Now, granted towards the end of his contract he says he will be making more money than what he is worth. (In my opinion you couldn't give this guy enough money but that's just me) But, Smyth wanted too much money. He is in his prime right now…and 5 years from now he'd be far into a down hill spiral. I am not trying to take away from Smyth at all. He is an amazing player and a great player who plays all heart every night. If Smyth really cared about this franchise don't you think he'd be willing to sacrifice some money so that the Oilers would be able to sign other skilled guys? I do. I really don't think that Smyth will go back to the Oilers. It's a nice thought but highly unlikely. He will go to whoever offers him the most money. So now I wonder…is this the end of all the heart and soul players? Are there any more left other than Marty? I don't think so…and that's a sad thought. I do wish Smyth the best of luck on the Island…and for the Oilers fans…I'm really sorry you lost him.

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