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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Go Ducks Go!

Me, live blogging the Ducks vs Sharks game?! Yup, my Jackets aren’t playing tonight so I throw myself into the Versus world and blog the game that is on. Ilya Bryzgalov is in net for the Ducks and for the Sharks Evgeni Nabokov. Everytime I watch these two teams I’m amazed. Two very very different teams. The Ducks are a very defensive team, but they have some great young offensive players and they have Teemu Selanne who is a great shot and just an amazing player. The Sharks however are a VERY offensive team with guys like Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau, and Jonathan Cheechoo. But, they have two amazing goalies which kind of makes up for their very young defense. (Just a note, Josh Gorges, was traded yesterday to the Montreal Canadiens. I was a big fan of Josh Gorges. I liked the way he played and how motivated he was…oh well he, went to my favorite Canadian team!) I don’t understand why I love the guys protecting the goalie. Anaheim scores first with a goal from Dustin Penner…his 20th of the season. Not too bad for his rookie season. Watching this game makes me really want to go to a game in San Jose. Those fans are crazy…maybe a bit louder than the Nashville fans…I dunno…guess I’ll have to figure it out for myself. Dustin Penner scored again to make it 2-0. Could the boy get a hat trick?! I guess we’ll see. The first period went by pretty fast…because there were no penalties and 2 goals.

Why is it that when you aren’t at the games the intermissions seem to go so slow and when you’re there…they go really fast?! I don’t get it…this is the longest 18 minutes of my life. Why do the San Jose fans boo Chris Pronger every time he touches the puck? Am I missing something? I dunno…if anyone knows let me know. Ryan Getzlaf took a penalty and the Sharks being the best team in the NHL for power play. Milan Michalek scored on the power play getting his 16th goal of the season. Andy McDonald took a slashing penalty…not smart taking 2 penalties in a row with these Sharks. Anaheim, were able to kill off the second penalty. Teemu Selanne took an interference penalty. Anaheim seems to be getting a little out of control. They need to be really careful especially with this San Jose team. Anaheim was able to kill off another penalty. Bryzgalov just made an amazing save on Cheechoo. And Bryzgalov was unable to stop Michalek yet again. So there have been 4 goals in this game by 2 guys…Michlek and Penner. Anaheim got their first power play of the night…Curtis Brown got called for holding. Dustin Penner keeps staying right in front of the net. He knows how to get the goals…just have to crash the net. He is such a big guy…and a great screen. Anaheim was unable to capitalize on the power play. So they end the period with a 2 all tie. I really don’t like Chris Simpson…she is quite obnoxious…maybe it’s just because I’m tired…who knows.

Christian Ehrhoff, was mic’d up. He spoke in German and in English…kind of cool. Kyle McLaren is one rough and tough guy. He threw quite the hit on Selanne. Corey Perry took a holding penalty and then Sean O’Donnel took a slashing penalty. San Jose got a 5 on 3 for 17 seconds. You really don’t want these guys on the power play they are so dangerous. But, once again Anaheim was able to kill off both of these penalties. Right after the power play Selanne got the go ahead goal…oddly enough that was the first shot on goal for Anaheim in the 3rd period. Penner is all over the ice in this third period. I think they are trying to get him the hat trick…well at least I hope they are. Scott Niedermayer took a huge hit and got right up…that guy is tough as nails. San Jose has hit 2 goal posts in the 3rd period. Why do the goalies who are off always wear hats? They look cute…but still why? The Sharks only took one penalty the entire game.

Alright my three stars of the game:
1. Dustin Penner 2 goals pretty impressive..if only he could have gotten the hat trick
2. Milan Michalek 2 goals…honestly I had never heard of this guy…probably not a good thing.
3. Ilya Bryzgalov 40 saves!! Way to be!!

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