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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Peter Budaj

Wow, I had never seen this kid play before...but on Monday I watched the San Jose Sharks take on the Colorado Avs....and I have to say that I was so impressed with this kid. I tend to watch goalies more than any other players simply because in my opinion they are the most important guys on the ice. Anyway out of 42 shots on goal he only let in 3...and against the Sharks I'd have to say that's pretty impressive. Anyway so he is my player of the week...haha. If anyone doesn't know the Avs lost this game 3-1. But, they did name Budaj 2nd star of the night which I thought was great...because he made some amazing saves.

Oh, and I just want to talk about the NHL "All Star" game. They have announced the complete rosters.
Eastern Conference the starters are:

Goal: Ryan Miller Buffalo
Defense: Brian Campbell Buffalo
Defense: Sheldon Souray Montreal
Forward: Alexander Ovechkin Washington
Forward: Daniel Briere Buffalo
Forward: Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh

The only thing I have to say about the Eastern Conference is why in the world is Ryan Miller the goalie?! He has had ONE shut out this season ONE!! His save percentage is a .916...and his goals against average is a 2.61. Martin Brodeur should have been chosen as the goalie. No question in my mind.

Western Conference:

Goal: Roberto Luongo Vancouver
Defense: Scott Niedermayer Anaheim
Defense: Nicklas Lidstrom Detroit
Forward: Joe Thornton San Jose
Forward: Joe Sakic Colorado
Forward: Jonathan Cheechoo San Jose

Now the Western Conference I don't have such a big problem with...even though I voted for Rory and thought it would be wonderful if he got in...just to prove to everyone what a big joke the "All Star" game is. I will say this though...Cheechoo is not putting the numbers up like he did last year...so why is he going to be in this game? I don't know....oh well. I still enjoy watching him play. I would go into details about the complete roster...but I will save that for tommorow. I am awfully tired and feel like I have just typed a lot of stuff. So, goodnight everybody and I will blog more tommorow!!


Jeannie said...

Beth...you know more about the hockey than anyone I know! I love going to hockey games with you! Next time we will go to the player's medical station. I promise ;-) Mom

Anonymous said...

If i knew anything that you were just talkin about i would say something interesting..but i dont.. Sorry :( Talk about something else next time and maybe my comment will be better! Love ya girly!