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Thursday, January 25, 2007

The All Star Game

Are you freakin kidding me?! So I broke down and actually watched the first 2 periods of probably the most boring hockey I have ever seen…and trust me I have seen some pretty boring hockey. Well let’s start with Briere…he had 4 assists and one goal…pretty good for the little guy. Then there is Rick Nash…a personal favourite. With 2 goals…and 2 assists…proving to everyone that…yes there is hope for the Blue Jackets. The West Wins with a final score 12-9!!! Yeah that’s right the Western Conference whipped up on the seemingly offensive minded Eastern Conference. Thank God.

Luckily well for me at least Sidney Crosby did not get a point…not one point!! Thus proving…he sucks…and I hate him. Well he proved he sucks…I mean honestly there were 21 points scored…9 on his team…and he didn’t even have a piece of one. YAY!! I am one happy girl.

And one thing that shocked me the most was that my beloved Alexander Ovechkin only got one point. Thus proving that he is better than Crosby…as if I didn’t already know that. One thing I do want to say is that for the most part OV was on a line with Crosby. In an interview that Ovechkin did after the game he said that he had chances to score but wanted to make it fun for the fans so he would feed Crosby the puck…and well Crosby just couldn’t capitalize. I would have it enjoyed it more if Alex would have scored more. Oh well.

Another thing that shocked me was the play of Martin Brodeur…I went into the All Star thinking that he was the God of all goalies….yes even better than Roy(I don’t like him because he played for the Avs and gave Osgood a beating.) Brodeur had one amazing save…that was just beautiful but other than that I wasn’t too impressed…I was so excited to watch him in the All Star Game because aside from highlight videos I have never seen him in the net. I still am excited to see him on Friday in Tampa Bay. Hopefully, he will be in net and will dominate the Lightning.

Oh I am so excited to say that they had the goalie’s mic’d up and when they would whistle play down they would talk to them…they mic’d up Brodeur whose mic eventually was knocked off on a shot from….somebody…I don’t know who I’ll have to look. Then they mic’d up Turco which was great he seemed like a pretty fun guy. But I only got to see like 2 of the interviews they did with him…I did see one where he was still talking to them and the Eastern Conference players were heading up the ice right at him. I think they should do that every game it was quite fun.

What else is there to say? Mark Messier annoys me. I swear every time he got on the camera he had a negative comment. Saying that the players should just take the shots they can instead of passing. Well in case he forgot it’s a team sport. You can’t win games by one guy taking all the shots….at least our All Stars are selfless. I am aware that Mark Messier was a great player and really good for the game but seriously…can’t we get someone better to commentate on the game. Maybe…Gordie Howe…or WWE wrestler Edge (they interviewed him at the game…I’m sure I would have enjoyed that better than what he said. Oh and another Messier note…Crosby won the Messier Leadership award or whatever the hell it’s called. Good job Crosby…you got a bullshit award. What a joke. So far the winners are for October, Brendan Shanahan of the New York Rangers, Scott Niedermayer from the Anaheim Ducks, and now Crosby from the Penguins.

I’m not really sure what else I have to say in regards to the All Star Game itself. I haven’t really looked into the Young Stars game or the Skills competition but when I do I will write something about it…probably not much considering I didn’t watch it and will have only read articles about it.

Teams I give a crap about…

Columbus Blue Jackets

After an impressive victory over the Red Wings I have a feeling that the Blue Jackets are going to come out strong for the last half of the season…after the loss in Nashville it seems that Hitchcock is getting the guys to get their act together and start doing something with their talent…because as we all know they are full of talent. Unfortunately most of that talent has been on the IR during the first half of the season but luckily they’re coming back soon!!!
Things I do want to see more of for the Blue Jackets is Brule being able to play on the top line. The poor kid is on the 4th line and well basically there’s not a whole lot of talent on that one. I think he deserves a chance to show what he can do…and I think he deserves some time to get his confidence back. He busted his ass out there when Nash and Fedorov were out. I also want to see Rick Nash stepping it up…he proved in the All Star game he is such a talented player when he wants to be.

Vancouver Canucks

Yup I voted for Rory. I love the Canucks! I love Luongo. He is a freaking machine. He got hit in the neck with a puck. Spent the night in the hospital and played the next night. Then in the all star game his helmet got knocked off. And he got right back up and continued playing. I just couldn’t believe it. I’m so proud. I want them to go far in the playoffs. I don’t really have a lot for this team. I think that Chouinard needs to start doing better and scoring more. Naslund looks like this next half he is going to go back to the old Naslund that we all know and love.

Detroit Red Wings

Hasek is amazing. That guy is old and as of right now I believe is the best goalie in the league with a great goals against average. Chelios is still playing very well and you gotta respect that…the man is 44. I can’t say enough about these guys. They are a wonderfully defensively minded team.

Nashville Predators

No I don’t really care about this team at all really but I have been to 3 of their games and watch their games on tv quite a bit. And, well they’re my cousins’ favorite team so I mean I should talk about them. They currently are leading the Western Conference…which they are making a big deal about it saying that oh they caught up to Anaheim…well yeah they caught up with the Ducks. The Ducks are missing their #1 goalie, Jean-Sebastian Giguere, the #1 defensemen in the league right now, Chris Pronger, and on top of that they are missing Francious Bouchemin. They lost most of their defense…So that’s my opinion of it. All will be right in the world once again ond Anaheim will be sitting at the top of the Western Conference shortly.

Anaheim Ducks

Yea they are in a slump…yes they are not playing the way they should. But like I said before look at who they are missing. I pretty much said everything I wanted to say in my little rant about The Preds. But one thing I would like to see from this team is moving Penner onto a line with Getzlaf. It’s a line that would work and start putting up the points…and allow Penner (who is currently second of all rookies for goals scored) to make a decent hunt for the Calder trophy…even though everyone has pretty much given it to Malkin.

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Anonymous said...

This one is my favorite thus far... I only have a few minutes before class. This is awesome, I can totally catch up on hockey just by linking here. Beef you are going to be on my favorites list when I get home... back to the grind that is my life, totally awsome, can't wait for the next post.